Narrative Sleuthing with Starlee Kine
2:00 PM14:00

Narrative Sleuthing with Starlee Kine

A limited number of current RMCAD students get free registration (a $75 value) to Starlee Kine's workshop in partnership with Lighthouse Writers Workshop. 

In this workshop for writers of fiction and nonfiction alike, join Starlee Kine—creator and host of the podcast, Mystery Show —for a discussion on the art of suspense and momentum. We’ll cover a range of subjects, including structural design, withholding information, backstory, the balance of emotional and physical beats, and more, which will be rounded out by discussion and exercises. The workshop should be equally helpful and relevant to writers of fiction, nonfiction, and script writing.

All current RMCAD students are welcome to apply to participate.

The sign up deadline for RMCAD students has past and reached capacity. 

Others can register for the workshop via Lighthouse here. 

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