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Humor-Centered Design // Workshop with Chelsey Delaney

RMCAD students are invited to join VASD Program guest Chelsey Delaney in a workshop that explores how humor can be used within the creative process, and how humor materializes within design and art. We'll discuss how appropriating improv techniques for the design process can increase creativity and productivity; we'll also discuss and identify principles to use in planning for humor within a finished product or piece. Regardless, we'll have fun.

All current RMCAD students from all academic departments are welcome to participate; however space is limited.

To participate in the workshop, students are invited to submit their name, academic department, and a short (approximately 150-200 words) paragraph stating their interest in joining this event.

Statements of interest are due Monday, September 21st by 4:00pm and should be sent to

The VASD committee will review submissions and selected students will be notified by Wednesday, September 23, 2015.